Insite Magazine #7


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Editor-in-Chief Astrid Werner

Contributors Ute Csiser-Bernhardt, David Fleming, Frank-Uwe Hess, Markus Lewerenz, Gert Müller, Peter Munson, Dr. Katja Neuthe, Colemann O’Malley, Joao Reis, Veit Schumacher, Joy Singh, Drew Troyer, Tim White

Art Direktor Sun Hwa Sul

Produktion Jennifer Adams, Nicole Riemann, Angelika Voigt

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A Case in Point: Digitally Managed Turnaround with Mobile Devices: Seksan Mongkhonkhamsao - Getty Images A Case in Point: Why Precision Maintenance Requires a Culture Shift: StudioSmart - Shutterstock A Case in Point: Providing a Clear Path for Digital Transformation: v_alex - Getty Images Expert Interview: Nik Rincon for T.A. Cook Point of View: The Project Manager will Fix it! Really?: golero- Getty Images Point of View: Digital Transformation: Creating Sustainable Change with Coaching: twomeows - Getty Images Point of View: Successful STO Events Require Effective CAPEX Integration: T.A. Cook Profile: Trust is the Basis for Successful Change: Julian Pflügl Updates: Revolutionierung des Instandhaltungsbudgets: Nik Rincon for T.A. Cook Updates: Awards: Sebastian Reuter for T.A. Cook Updates: John F. Kennedy Seated in rocking Chair: CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images Updates: Recommended Reading: Buchcover "The infinite game": Simon Sinek Illustration: Sun Hwa Sul

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