T.A. Cook becomes part of the Accenture family: The Journey Forward

As of November 10, 2021, the T.A. Cook team joined the Accenture family. The announcement was a big surprise for our employees and our clients. In the five months since the acquisition, T.A. Cook’s team of more than 140 engineers and consultants have strengthened Accenture’s Industry X business offerings with our unique consulting and engineering expertise in asset management. The T.A. Cook Events Division was carved out and now operates as an independent conference service provider under the T|A|C Insights brand. Together with Accenture’s Industry X, we aim to make our customers’ asset management practices smarter and more productive. But what exactly does that mean and what does it mean for our team and for our customers?


In the fall of 2021, T.A. Cook was named a Hidden Champion for Asset Performance Management for the second time. Such awards increase our visibility in the market and strengthen our reputation as a specialist consultancy organization. Our team is justifiably proud of our accomplishments. The current transformation into Accenture Industry X presents huge opportunities for us and for our clients, but also a few challenges that we must negotiate. To exploit the opportunities, T.A. Cook has expanded its strategy and consulting services over the last three years. For example, we’ve invested heavily and strategically in digitalization and digital manufacturing. As a part of Accenture, T.A. Cook is now an integral component of the world’s leading consulting form that’s driving the digital transformation, cloud services, and security for our collective client base. Accenture is authoring a new chapter with Industry X to completely digitize and revolutionize shop floor processes via its core competencies in digitization, operationalization and system implementation. Engineering services were previously not part of the service offering. Accenture’s recent acquisition of umlaut, a company that is 5,000 people strong, has closed this ‘gap.’ This is where T.A. Cook’s Unique Expertise comes into play!

We look forward to expanding our digitalization and change management capabilities, benefiting from the technology and process expertise in Accenture’s global network, and bringing our combined Digital Manufacturing, Operations and Intelligent Asset Management offering to many clients.

Frank-Uwe Hess

Co-Founder T.A. Cook

The T.A. Cook team possesses particularly strong expertise in asset performance management, operations and turnaround management for the manufacturing, process, mining, and metals industries. This enables us, together with Accenture’s Industry X, to offer a complete end-to-end service from strategy, to implementation, to operation of selected services.

Our Unique Expertise was a key factor in Accenture’s decision to acquire T.A. Cook. The acquisition has further expanded Accenture’s offering in the areas of digitization of engineering functions, asset performance management, production management, project management, office services, and plant operations. T.A. Cook’s highly specialized knowledge and expertise strengthens Accenture’s consultancy, which is comprised of more than 600,000 employees worldwide, this operational knowledge is necessary for Accenture Industry X to successfully digitalize our customers’ business processes. In the future, T.A. Cook’s team will form the heart of the newly established Intelligent Asset Management division within Accenture Industry X. Additionally, T.A. Cook adds an important element of credibility to Accenture Industry X in the important space of shutdown, turnaround, and outage (STO) management.

We at T.A. Cook have always felt at home on the store floor, in operations and in the spare parts warehouse. We are proud of our process expertise and will continue to focus on core topics in operations and maintenance. However, with Accenture Industry X, we can now offer a significantly expanded and enhanced portfolio of services. We continue to expand our expertise in digital solutions and digitalized processes so we may accompany our customers into a digitalized future from a much stronger position. The power of Accenture’s Industry X provides us with extensive resources, entirely new competencies, and new service off erings.

> We now have the capabilities and resources to offer our expertise on a global scale. This global scalability makes our offerings particularly attractive to multinational clients managing global optimization initiatives.

> Accenture’s digital ‘muscle power’ perfectly complements our consulting and engineering expertise and helps us transfer our specialized knowledge and existing solutions into the new digital world.

> As part of the Accenture family, we now can not only strategically design innovative business models in asset management, but also implement them technically and ultimately operate them efficiently. This applies, for example, to new ‘Reliability As-A-Service’ or ‘Turnaround Management As-A-Service’ offerings.

The acquisition will in no way affect our current customer projects and business relationships. Everything will continue to run smoothly as agreed in the current projects. There will also be no changes to T.A. Cook’s management structure for the time being. All partners and senior executives will remain on board. Within Industry X, our team will be the nucleus for Intelligent Asset Management in Europe. Over the next few months, we will work with Accenture to address new offerings and projects where it makes sense from our clients’ perspective and where the complementary expertise is needed. To this end, we are gradually approaching our customers to present our new, expanded range of services. We are very much looking forward to this process, the exciting new projects it will bring, and the opportunity to strengthen relationships with existing customers and create relationships with new ones.

Franz-Josef Pohle

Managing Director,

Accenture Industry X

At Accenture, we are convinced that technology can only create new value for companies in conjunction with human creativity. T.A. Cook embodies this like no other company in its field. With intelligent solutions based on data and very competent consulting and engineering expertise, T.A. Cook complements our offering for industrial clients quite excellently.

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